Who is DJ John?
"He's the guy that everybody talks about... and nobody knows!!!"  It true! Ba ha Ha!!
Alright, there is too much to tell, ... for reals!  Most people recognize him by his western style, business casual look and renowned long, neatly
groomed long hair, in a tail!   Lets get to know DJ John, the short version goes like this!

Back in 1978, John stepped up on a stage for the first time as part of a fund raiser for the MDA.  He didn't win anything (LOL) but, his picture was
placed in the year book supplement at his High School, How cool is that!  John went to a Vocational Technical High School, graduated with a
diploma AND a 4 year Technical Certificate in Culinary Arts! (The Man Can Cook!)  

In 1986, John joined the US Army.  In His Military Career was handsomely rewarded with many Trophies, Certificates, Plaques, Ribbons, while
competing in International Culinary Art Competitions as part of the Army Food Service and Culinary Art Program.  Ice Sculptures, Cake Decorating,
Specialty pastry, Field Kitchen Supervisor and all around Instructor.. (there is a lot more to the story!).  1990-1991, Sargent Wojtkun was deployed
to the Persian Gulf War.  His career ended with a Service Connected Disability Retirement in 1997.  

Since 1995, John has lived all over west Texas, from El Paso to Dalhart.  He exercised his Culinary Management Skills in several capacities in many
trendy area Hotels, Restaurants and Catering Companies in west Texas before he retired in 2003 from a 28yr career in the industry.  Retired, but still
has the Culinary talent and skills, he likes to show off at his house.

Entertainment?? Well John says he learned to sing in the kitchen when he was young, imitating his supervisor etc. (LOL) through the years, since
1978, his second skill (singing) would become a profitable hobby in between his 'real' job.  Before the DJ thing, John had is own one man singing /
entertainment show.  He had music tracks, a guitar (that was not plugged in) and sang / entertained like a band would all night long in the clubs all
over west Texas, from Balmorhea to Big Springs .... "Kinda Crazy Huh?"  But, they liked it!!  He was invited to sing at several events in west Texas
as well; Clubs and Dance Halls, which he turned heads especially with the wide range of music in English and Spanish that he sang.  

About 1997, Karaoke started to blossom.  John invested in more sound equipment, CDs and Karaoke CDs and took the show on the road!  This
gave avid singer the opportunity to sing in Clubs, the Mall, County Fairs, dance halls and where ever he would play.  After a good run of
entertainment, he was called back to Food Service again for steady employment, LOL!  Bouncing back and forth from DJ / Entertainer to Chef /
Kitchen Manager, his passion was in the kitchen which he retired from the kitchen after 28yrs ... for good in 2003.  Heartbroken and wondering
whats next, John finished his AAS in Business Management in 2005. (only took 18yrs to complete, his education spanned over the years with the
many credits that he accumulated from his studies here and there!... LOL)

2004-2005 The digital age of music was on the rise and John wanted to be apart of it!!  Learning and mastering the art, this was something that he
could take to another level.  Converting the music library to digital was very time consuming process.  Getting the right programs to read and play DJ
and Karaoke formats had its trials and errors.  Once put together and the necessary equipment, plus DJ lighting etc, it was time to put it to the test at
actual events, clubs and dance halls! DJ John found his calling!!

28 years as a Professional Chef!! (Retired)
Sang the first time on stage in 1978!!
US Army 1986-1997 (now a Disabled Veteran)
Been in west Texas since 1995!
Sang everywhere and anywhere he could!!
DJ business (Hobby) started in 2004, after a couple of band and a one man show for many years!!
WesTexasKaraoke, DJ started in 2007!!
In 2008, John was the original Tejano Night, Thursday DJ at a local Odessa club, that is still the hot spot on Thursdays!!
DJ John el Cantante' was given to him, when he sang in Spanish on Tejano Nights!
DJ John then kept the name, It was different (DJ John)
He is about 80% fluent in Spanish. Speaks English well... Sometimes! LOL other languages TBA!
Funny Part.... this is "All the same guy!!" LOL

DJ John likes being the business man!  His professional skills have taken him to new levels in business.  He is actively involved in the community,
serving local non-profit organizations (HCCMidland, Midland Hispanic Chamber, Midland County Fair, RSVP and a local Bridal Association, to
name a few)... as an active member or board of directors.  His music skills are very diverse, he could be playing Ball Room Dances one day, 70's &
80's for the next and a Country / Texas Country Wedding the next!  
His favorite? ..... 'Puro Tejano' dances / clubs!! Why? He is self taught in the
Spanish language; His heritage is Polish (where Tejano was introduced for the first time, the history), and its a challenge to put it all together to get a
jolt / reaction from the audience! DJ John has been asked all the time ...."You The DJ?"  "Where's your play list?" LOL
 It is strange to see someone
other than a Hispanic DJ ... playing Latino Style Music!  Kinda scares some people and others don't care , they just having a good time!!  LOL It
doesn't matter the occasion, the crowd, the location or the type of music, DJ John puts on a good show!!  He hears it all the time, at every show...
"Great Job!, we all had a real good time!"  This motivates DJ John to do better more, wanting to share the music and have a great time!!

Presently, DJ John resides in San Angelo, TX,  and has three grown children ranging in age of 36-26yrs.  He also has three grandchildren,
9-15yrs, that they think "Grandpa is the best!" In addition, he has a rescue dog, 'Rex', Spare time is mostly spent working on the house, in his
office and looking at the golf clubs he wants to use, one of these days!  LOL!!  

Thank You for reading!  The reason why I decided to include this article and a brief history on a business website is for several reasons; First, the
more you know about someone, experience and a little background  the more likely you will trust or refer their services they offer!  Sometimes
people are misinformed and rumors are incorrectly passed on!  I'm not perfect, and know I am talented, However my hat size is still small though!  I
work alone because I have had head-strong people that thought it was all about them, some thought it was ok to destroy equipment, never
dependable and so many were inconsiderate, and other reasons.  Fact is, I am easy to get along with!  I am organized, mostly... I have a passion and
love what I do which has been my success!  I like to be different, learning new skills and cultures helps me be the BEST!! Still, I really like being
"Just The DJ!!"  If you need references of my services, let me know, I have nothing to hide!!  My past clients call me for repeat business all the
time!!  I look forward to adding you to our repeat clients list!!  It was my pleasure telling my story, hopefully we will be meeting soon! Take Care!

Please check out the rest of my website, and the video links below then give us a call as soon as you have the date in mind so we can match the date
and .... Book It!!
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