What a great idea to bring fun to any style party!
Karaoke Parties are the Greatest! Tons of spontaneous Fun and excitement to watch or sing along to! Can you see Grandma singing "I will
survive!" or Cousin Tim break out his best "Ice Ice Baby" ...? Small or Large crowds have had a great time poking fun at each other with
a ...Karaoke Challenge!  

Fact Is ... Everyone Sings!  We sing to ourselves!  In The Shower!  In The Car!  To Our Children!  In Church!! ... and Before The Game
(the National Anthem!)...  Karaoke isn't much different.  The most frightening thing, is to hear your voice over a P.A. (sound system)! We
all like the spot light every now and then ... so grab you have a microphone, and be the star you are ... in front of family, friends and a
bunch of strangers!  "Piece of Cake!" Right?? .. It is!  THEN!  The song starts and you wonder: "I hope I can do this", not to mess it up,
will my voice crack, etc!  Oh yea, and you are concerned about: "How do I look?" Will they laugh?  What is table 22 thinking? And why is
that old man at the bar looking at me like that? ... And the best one your thinking about... "I'm gonna be on Facebook or better yet ...
YouTube!! LOL

WOW!  What are you worried about?  Karaoke, is suppose to relieve stress... not create more, silly!  I know, easier said that done, right?  
Weather you are a 'first timer' or the avid karaoke 'super star' ... you picked a song to sing because:  You like the song!  You like the artist
that sings it! But most of all "IT YOUR SONG"! Be that song!!  Its all YOU!  "Sing it out!"  Let them hear you!  Like you are in concert!!
AND, If all that doesn't work .... Be your self!  Most of all... Have Fun!! It's Karaoke,  No Professionals Required!

We have seen a lot of singers sing Karaoke, they sing out of key; they make up words; some sound better than the original or close to it.
They had an opportunity to perform their song the way they wanted to, to the best of your ability, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks!  
... "You Nailed It!"

WesTexasKaraoke, DJ welcomes anyone that wants to sing.  We have coached all ages of singers for many years.  If your not
comfortable with singing and you want to try it out, tell us!  DJ John was once in your shoes and can work with you; to find the right
song; get the right pitch (adjust the key of the music); and help loose the fear, slowly but surely. Not everyone is a Professional, at first!

Our Karaoke library is the Largest we have seen in west Texas!  Professional Sound System, Quality Music Tracks (approximately 85,000+
to choose from), ...and DJ Lighting is hard to find in one package ... "We got you covered!" Add Karaoke to any occasion ... at
NO Extra
Charge when scheduling DJ Services
(make sure you schedule it before we get to the event)!
Check It Out!
Video Montage of Karaoke Style
with WesTexasKaraoke, DJ
"After 2013"

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Karaoke Machine?
or Karaoke System?
We have been asked many times
"Do You Rent Karaoke Machines?"
We evaluated the Karaoke Machine
concept, and realized that it makes
better sense to bring a 'Karaoke
System' to the party instead!

Here are the pro's and con's of  
renting a 'Karaoke Machine' or
hiring the complete Karaoke system...

Renting a 'Karaoke Machine'
*limited (small equipment, small
library of music, etc)
*you have to operate it yourself.
*No DJ lights or even dance music is
*usually you pay too much, by the
hour rate. (maybe a setup fee as well).

Hiring a 'Karaoke Host'
*Large Library of Quality Karaoke
tracks with on screen lyrics.
*Professional sound system that
makes singers sound better.
*DJ lighting to add to the occasion.
*a DJ that keeps the party festive.
*Dance music / fill music is included.
*a Live Person to: maintain the
equipment, set it up and take it away.
*The Fee is usually calculated by how
big the party is, what the occasion is
and yes how many hours (that turns
into a 'Day Rate'. (affordable? Very!)
WesTexasKaraoke, DJ
Founded in early 2006 by John
Wojtkun, an avid singer / entertainer
with a knack for quality Karaoke. As
the digital age evolved, Karaoke
became easier to maintain by the click
of a mouse.

Since, John has pursued several
levels of attracting people that like to
sing as much as him. Through ..
*Night Clubs / Bars
*Private Parties
*the Midland County Fair, Karaoke
*School events
*and as an additional service to his
already thriving DJ Business.

Karaoke Parties!
WesTexasKaraoke & DJ John offer
Karaoke Style Performances by itself
or as an addition to DJ Services ...
Service is Booked. Turn your next
private party into a Karaoke Party
instantly! (call John for details).

Karaoke Will Never Be Outdated!
The word Karaoke (empty orchestra
or no lyric music tracks) means that
one or many people can sing their
favorite song without band members.
as amateurs can sing live to a
Karaoke track and still be
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