Professional DJ's have A Unique Talent!!
The 'Music Man' / DJ is the center of attention at any Event!!
The type of DJ
MUST compliment your special details which assures the ...  success of 'Your Party!'
Professional DJ Service can be
affordable without breaking the Bank!
How Much??
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The Very First Question we are asked ... before a potential client knows the DJ and his / her services is ...
(I Like This Question...)
Traditionally, in the music industry an 'Hourly Rate' has been appropriate. (or expected)
This means no matter how BIG or small your event is ... Or what is expected ... Everyone pays the same price!
This sounds unfair to most of our potential clients ...

What does the hourly rate cover?...
With DJ John, WesTexasKaraoke, DJ and John's Entertainment you will only pay for what the occasion calls for!
As A Professional Entertainer ...  We will ask ...
What is the DATE of the event ... First! (to see availability)
Then, the THE TYPE OF EVENT (Wedding, Quinceañera, Birthday, Reunion, Fund Raiser) each have different formats.
Where is the event? Is another good bit of info. How many will attend? What time do guests arrive? And what time does
the event stop? (there may be a couple of more details we will ask) (THINK OF IT AS AN UMBRELLA RATE, its all
included... No renegotiation)
This way you get a fair price (budget affordable, something you can understand) without the worry of a
Most events we have played for don't start on time or end at the time expected!
(by the hour rates) there is renegotiations with having to pay for more service that you already payed for ... right?

Our Success comes from "Customer Service". We want to earn your business, add you to our return client list,
and want to be recommended to your family and friends for a long term business relationship! It is understood
that you have a price in mind (a budget) and mostly we have affordable entertainment that you will be pleased
about. We are not the cheapest ... not the most expensive ..
But you will get a fair price to accent your event and fit your scheme!

When we quote a price, the only thing with 'DJ John' that is standard is ...
A Professional that likes what he does and is always attentive while on site!
Music will be played before your guests arrive, until they leave!
A variety of DJ Lighting schemes that will accent the venue!
The right size Professional sound equipment and digital music library (all genre)
MCee, Announcements, and details you want!
We don't sit down and play music, we are aware of what is happening with the crowd, constantly mixin' to please!

To Book the event we require a 50% down and the Balance is due the day of the event, when we arrive!
Travel, setup fees, and any other expenses are all INCLUDED!  

(historically our average pricing ranges from $475-$1100, depending on the details of the event, as mentioned)
"Are All DJ's The Same?"
In today's world of 'Talented
Music Mixers"  changes
through the years and are still
changing.  It use to be A DJ
played a specific type of
music, carried around in milk
creates, boxes and cases that
took hours to set up, LOL!
Now-a-days its a digital
world that even the crowd has
the latest music on a hand
held device, which is cool!!
A DJ is challenged to have
EVERY SONG ever made,
more than ever before. Some
DJ's spend many hours in a
studio setting to produce
'Their Mix" to use and keep
the party 'bumping'". Some
mix live with the use of
headphones to cue the beat
with turn tables. Others can
set digital settings so the
music mixes at the precise
There are also hundreds of
Digital DJ programs to
choose from to get that
special unique touch. These
programs have many features
to scratch, bleed over and
twerk that specific sound the
Artist is looking for!   
When Looking For DJ's,
What Kind Of DJ Style
What Kind Of Music Is Best For
Your Event?
Are They Just in it For $$$ Or Are
They Flexible, and Listen to Your
Details with a Passion?

These and other questions have
customers confused. Before you
choose your Entertainment, do some
research. Shop around, gather
information on several DJ's, take
notes. We suggest ... best bet would
be to check out a Facebook Page,
website, talk to friends / family etc.
or even visit them LIVE at one of
their performances for a first hand

You may also want to ask ... Will he
play my requests and the requests of
your guests ... Or does he only play
HIS music?

You are hiring Entertainment to
represent YOU on a Special Day,
Event etc. ... You should be able to
get your moneys worth and be
impressive with your guests!

AND Lastly ... you should be able to
recommend him / her to others!

Good Luck in your search! If you
need help, DJ John gives a FREE
You don't have to hire him, But at
least you have someone you can
assist you without putting the $$$
Thank You!   
Because It Makes Good Business Sense!
If you are shopping for anything these days, you will notice that the same item may not be the same price every where. Its called competition!
Years ago, in the music industry artists traditionally had a set rate, a flat fee ... a take it or leave it price! That tradition has stood the test of
time. However, not everyone has kept that tradition. As Long as DJ John has been in the Entertainment Business (35+ yrs) He has never had
the "One Size Fits All" price! For Example: A Wedding, 50 people, at a local venue, Ceremony, Dinner and Dance, for about 5hrs ... VS ...
The same Wedding of 500 people (with the same scenario) ... charging the same hourly price would not be fair to the smaller Wedding client
and on the other hand the larger wedding would be able to pay more (there is more to do with larger gatherings, extra equipment, setup, etc).
John understands the concept. So when clients call, we will have a conversation of the services that are needed so we can put a price to it.
Our Clients appreciate the personal service, the dedication and the attention to detail ... things you can not put a price on.
Each photo shows a
different scheme, design,
and set up! All of them
were priced by their
We Take Care of our Clients!...
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