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Good Question! Many DJ's can perform at weddings. It takes a special kind of DJ to enhance the Wedding proceedings,  follow the scheme
that the Bride (usually the Bride) designs for their particular taste. The Wedding Specialist DJ takes extra effort to enhance the days event.
From the ceremony to dinner to a festive dance of celebrating two people in love, gathered by friends and family.
Each wedding may be formatted with similar characteristics, blended in harmony to celebrate individuality of the new Bride and Groom. A
DJ's responsibility is to assist in planning the day before it starts. Meeting with the Bride may take more than one sit down meeting. Details
of the day may consist of:
  • The Ceremony (Bridal march order, specific music for pre-ceremony, the ceremony and post ceremonial proceedings.)    
  • Dinner Music (your genre of background music, introductions)
  • Cake cutting, toasts; First Dance, special designated dances, (children involved, families, etc) specific music.
  • The Dance! during the dance the Bride can choose from a variety of Fun & Festive Wedding Entertainment, such as:
    Anniversary Dance
    Honeymoon Dance (aka Dollar Dance)
    The Shoe Game
    Garter & Bouquet Toss
    (any and all Creative Wedding Entertainment)

Discussion of details may also include: DJ Lighting, matching color schemes, the DJ Dressing as a host (DJ John owns a Tux for the occasion)
and being involved as necessary to create jovial experience with lots of fun memories. The DJ also may communicate and alert the
Photographer of the area that an action event will take place ... to get the shot!

DJ John has an extensive background in the local Wedding Industry, performing for hundreds of different weddings, former President /
Secretary of a local Bridal Association and participating in annual Bridal Expos in west Texas. He has a responsibility to the new Bride and
Groom to make their Special Day the best it can be ... with a 'can do' attitude!

There is so much to do!
Let Us Help and set your mind at ease! "We Got Your Back!"
By now you may be overwhelmed with all the decisions you have to make; scheduling, booking and signing contracts of the services you would like to have
to support your 'Special Day' (the most important day of your life).
... The easy part was to say "YES"!

Entertaining you and your guests all day is what we do! We have literally entertained hundreds of wedding celebrations! Each one unique in style and
fashion. Traditional and not so traditional. Inside or outside venues, etc.
Your Entertainment should be EXCITING! Your DJ ... should be easy, flexible to work with, listen and carry out your scheme and requests (with adding a
little bit of experience suggestions), they need to be FUN (a self starter), and also dress appropriately (he may end up in a memorable picture). The
equipment (sound and lighting) needs to accent the venue that will be entertaining!
Difficult to find? ... YES! (they're hard to find)
"However, I know a Guy!"

DJ John! Professional, Quality and easy to work with!
What can you expect from DJ John? Meetings, Phone Calls, Attention to detail and ... easy to get in touch with!
John will arrive several hours before your guests arrive, be ready / dressed and playing music long before you walk down the isle!
If the ceremony is in a different setting (than the reception) he will make sure the ceremony is accented with your music wish list!
DJ John's Got You Covered, ... with Confidence!  
"Kick It Up A Knotch!"
with Specialty Lighting, Uplighting
and Accent Spots!
We can help create a magnificent
occasion!  "Let's create something!"
(call for availability)
"Wedding Budgets!"
Set realistic goals! Discuss the
"need to have" services (venue, food
and entertainment, etc) first! Get
prices and evaluate the "Best Fit"
for your particular taste. Talk to
family and friends for their
recommendations. You may want to
'Sponsor' wedding services ... (have
family members or friends pay for
the services, as a wedding gift) to
keep the overall wedding cost
'Budget Affordable'!

Everyone likes a deal! Packaging
services in a bundle has its
advantages and disadvantages!
Read the fine print to make sure it is
a 'Deal' and not a way to get you to
commit to something you may not
want, be careful... ask lots of
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